Design & Branding

Design & Branding

It’s not just big companies that focus on tactical branding and design. At VIVO Web Marketing we are seeing an ever-increasing number of small business clients looking to enhance their marketing strategies. A unique design will help a business stand out and portray their originality to a vast audience. Branding is an on-going process and while over-designing can lead to confusion, change and balance will better the brand and let it thrive.

A beautifully designed logo should look effortless – with this in mind creative logos should represent businesses in a minimalistic but engaging manner. We only create totally unique pieces of artwork, for digital or print that will wow your target market and reflect the brand’s image. Whether you have an idea or wish to work with oir designers to create something fresh and exciting, we have just the logo service for you.

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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. ― Coco Chanel

Passion Makes A Difference

Step by step how we develop a comprehensive digital design and marketing strategy for our clients.

  • 01 PLAN / IDEA

    ▪ Consulting

    ▪ Research

    ▪ Brand Strategy

    ▪ Content Strategy


    ▪ Web Design

    ▪ Responsive Design (mobile)

    ▪ Branding / Graphic Design

    ▪ User Experience (UX)

    ▪ visualizing your goals


    ▪ Website development

    ▪ Content Management System (Drupal, WordPress)

    ▪ Mobile optimisation

    ▪ E-Commerce (Magento)

    ▪ Performance Enhancement

  • 04 GROW

    ▪ Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

    ▪ Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    ▪ Pay Per Click (PPC)

    ▪ Blogging / Blogger Outreach

    ▪ Email Marketing Campaigns

    ▪ Conversion Analysis

    ▪ analytics consulting

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