Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

A Mobile device is usually about 10 times smaller than a normal computer screen and all the content of the website will not correctly display or requires constant zooming in and zooming out.

With more and more online searches being done on a mobile device it is more important than ever to interact with potential customers in a new and easier way.

A Responsive Website has the following characteristic:

  • All the content is placed in one layout
  • Graphics become smaller – so there is more room for content.
  • Easier to navigate with customised menu – it is easier to access different pages of the site.
  • The layout of the Website changes depending on the screen or browser size.
  • Happy visitors, customers prefer a website that loads better on a mobile device.
responsive web design glasgow

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Passion Makes A Difference

Step by step how we develop a comprehensive digital design and marketing strategy for our clients.

  • 01 PLAN / IDEA

    ▪ Consulting

    ▪ Research

    ▪ Brand Strategy

    ▪ Content Strategy


    ▪ Web Design

    ▪ Responsive Design (mobile)

    ▪ Branding / Graphic Design

    ▪ User Experience (UX)

    ▪ visualizing your goals


    ▪ Website development

    ▪ Content Management System (Drupal, WordPress)

    ▪ Mobile optimisation

    ▪ E-Commerce (Magento)

    ▪ Performance Enhancement

  • 04 GROW

    ▪ Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

    ▪ Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    ▪ Pay Per Click (PPC)

    ▪ Blogging / Blogger Outreach

    ▪ Email Marketing Campaigns

    ▪ Conversion Analysis

    ▪ analytics consulting

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